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AW Collection

| The Landscape |

How often do we think about the landscape as a thing, a thing of relevance and utility? Historically we decided that we need a certain distance from the natural, the raw and wild, we seem to become uneasy if we spend too much time in it, direct contact with it appears to only be remedied by constant movement, we become nomads searching for food and temporary shelter, once we conquer food production our paranoia kicks in, we develop architecture as a way to ease our anxious minds, that’s when the machine appears, we become reactionary, we see a problem, we solve it, input output, we don’t hold, ping pong, ping pong. Goals are gods, we open our eyes feeling confused, unfocused, angry, sick, we do the only thing we know how to do, create, create  solutions to problems we unwittingly manufactured, pills, cartoons, sports, not enough, ai will solve our problem, we are fading, panic, integrate, who am I?, I need a new blender, great, an add for a blender, o no I’m back, I can’t breath, a machine doesn’t need to breath, I need to actually become one…


We pulled away from the landscape thinking it was the root of our fear and tension. Maybe we crave the freedom, maybe we miss the wind and birds, there’s no answer when the wrong question is asked.

| Old Harry |

Old Harry is a homage to possibilities, potential and the uncertain, it represents the future in a material way, the idea of the ever-changing is present in the installation through explosive, abstract forms, using materials that convey the uncontrollable, PA foam expands before your eyes, shaping itself through chemical and physical interactions, this same expansion echoes even when the transformation is completed. A mold is made from the PA model so that it can be cast into its final form as a hollow fiberglass structure stained with iron rust and reactive paint.


| Confeti |

It was recently discovered that ancient greek and roman sculptures were hand dyed with vivid skin tones, shimmering clothing, intricate and colorful patterns, even though for centuries we admired their purity, chased after their ideal white marble surface, used them as symbols for the praiseworthy, it was all an illusion, a tale we impulsively concocted to conveniently fit the popular narrative of social and ethnic hierarchies. I celebrate this narrative by throwing confetti at the figures, confetti took its first appearance in history as flower petals that were typically thrown to celebrate royalty, for a brief moment we experience a refracted space, an alternative world where everything is exciting and ever-changing, the transient feels eternal but suddenly this beauty turns into a reality check, the petals fall to the ground, they still look alluring and charming but not for long, soon they unveil what just happened, now you have to decide if what you just experienced, the celebration you just took part of is actually something you believe in.


In the end it only matters if it actually matters, all veils eventually unveil what’s beyond it.

| Story |

Born in Metepec and raised in Mexico City Rodrigo was on his path to become an automotive designer, taking courses and certifications from a young age he eventually got an industrial design degree mixed with a specialty in transport and interior design, while in school he discovered photography which quickly became an obsession and lead him to work in movies, commercials and architectural photography, in 2012 he was invited to show his work in New York City to later be called for an art auction in Mexico City which triggered a career where he focuses and is best known for large scale installations, intervened photography, and collectible design.

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| Selected Exhibitions |

Solo and Two Person Shows



"Reinvention of Self"  Alfredo Ginocchio -  Cabo, Mexico

"Sacred Grounds"  - Mexico City, Mexico



"SOMOS" Westin - Lima, Perú 

"Cacho & Cacho" - Mexico City, Mexico 


"CITY" Design Week - Mexico City, Mexico 

Group Shows










"Paralelas XIV"  Oscar Román Gallery  - Mexico City , Mexico

"Exvotos"  Oscar Román Gallery  - Mexico City , Mexico

"Feria Clavo"  - Mexico City , Mexico

"Marchante"  Marchante - Mexico City , Mexico

"In My Dreams"  Oscar Román Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico

"Sueño Surrealista"  Oscar Román Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico

"Paralelas Doce"  Oscar Román Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico

"Grupo de los 16" Hacienda los Morales - Mexico City, Mexico 

"Forma y la Esencia" Oscar Román Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico 



"Ethos" Franz Mayer Museum - Mexico City, Mexico 

"Paralelas Once"  Oscar Román Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico 


"Aids for Aids" Oscar Román Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico


"Encuentro Oaxaca" Oaxaca, Mexico 


"Puebla Biennale" - Puebla, Mexico 


"Aids for Aids"  Oscar Román Gallery -Mexico City, Mexico


"SeeMe" -New York, United States 




"Transport Design"  ELISAVA - Barcelona, Spain 

2012 - 2016

"Industrial Design" UIA - Mexico City, Mexico


"Graphic Design" Mac - Mexico City, Mexico


"Automotive Design" Rogoletti - Mexico City, Mexico 

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